Apartments in modern log houses

Konopište - Pavčina Lehota

    A total of 28 investment apartments in 4 modern log houses await you in Demänovská Dolina, Pavčina Lehota village. Its location offers a lot of fun and sports for families and friends throughout the year.
   The entire project consists of 4 stages, where 1 apartment block will be built in each stage.
   We will take care of the occupancy, cleaning and maintenance of your apartment for effective evaluation of your investment. In our management agency, the apartment becomes a source of your long-term income. In addition, we offer 5 weeks of stay per year FREE for owners.
The apartments are fully furnished, designed in a modern style with a combination of wood and stone
As part of the apartment, you get a share of the land and a share of the common areas, where you can store bicycles, scooters, skis, cross-country skis, etc..
Each apartment also includes a share of the adjacent land and 1 parking space

Statement of the Chief Architect

Ing.arch. Miloš Bronček
chief architect

As a design studio that mostly designs wooden buildings, we do not often come across the assignment of an apartment building made of logs. Since we have many years of experience with Canadian log houses, we were happy to get started. I am convinced that we have successfully managed to design modern wooden buildings with apartments of varied variability with layouts open to all sides of the beautiful nature of the Demänovská valley. We were also very happy that the developer decided not to skimp on quality and invested in a thicker log with a central diameter of 400 mm, guaranteeing excellent thermal insulation. I firmly believe that the above-standard approach of the investor will translate into above-standard housing quality.