A view you will wake up to


Liptov is an ideal place to spend a vacation. This is evidenced by the growing interest of tourists from Slovakia and abroad. It brings an unusual combination of mountains and water. In addition to modern ski slopes and wide possibilities for hiking, cycling and cross-country trails, it also contains an unprecedented wealth of thermal springs.

Tip for trips in the area

FUN Park - Žiarce

It is located only 100 meters from your apartment. In addition to a ski slope with a lift, it also offers a number of summer attractions, such as a bobsleigh track, a giant swing, a children's FUN zone, mini tanks, all-terrain quad bikes, a balloon flight, a bungee trampoline and mini cars for the little ones.

You only go a few kilometers by SKIBUS or by traditional transport and you are in the largest ski resort in Slovakia.

Relax by the water

Liptovská Mara lake

Only 14 km away, 25 minutes by car. Liptovská Mara is a body of water between Liptovský Mikuláš and Ružomberok, which is also called "Liptov sea". You will find a lot of fun here with sightseeing cruises and water sports. Or you can just lie on the beach with a well-chilled drink.

Kaďa thermal spring

It is located at the end of the village of Liptovský Ján. This natural spa spring is surrounded by the natural beauty of the Jánská dolina and together they create an ideal place for recreation and relaxation. The water in the bathtub is 20 °C, and in addition, the pleasant bubbles and composition of the water will quickly warm you up even more. You can reach the spring on foot or by bicycle.

Water park Bešeňová

Water park Bešeňová is a recreation center near the village of Bešeňová in the district of Ružomberok. The year-round facility has a built-in network of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, slides, wellness, accommodation and catering facilities, as well as congress facilities.


Veľký choč hill

34 km away, 33 minutes by car. Veľký Choč, rising on the border of Liptov and Orava, is one of the most beautiful mountains in Slovakia. This territory was declared a national nature reserve. There are few mountains in Slovakia from which tourists can see such a large piece of landscape as from Veľké Choč. From the top, it is possible to descend to the Liptov or Orava side via several hiking routes.

Čerenova skala hill

Only 23 km away, 31 minutes by car. Čerenova rock is located in Chočské vrchy above Liptovská Anna. It is not a very prominent hill, but on its top there is a rock platform from which you can enjoy an impressive view of the Liptovská Mara dam and the Low Tatras. The hike starts in the village on the square or at the end of the village at the mouth of the valley, where the forest path begins.

Vrbické pleso

Only 15 km away, 20 minutes by car, is the Glacial Lake and the largest natural lake in the Low Tatras, which lies at an altitude of 1,113 m above sea level. m. in the upper western part of the Demänovská valley. It has an area of 0.69 ha, a maximum depth of 8 m, a length of 115 m and a width of 62 m. Its origin is more similar to the balls in the High Tatras. The surroundings of Vrbicke pleso are well accessible by hiking trails.


Jaskyňa Slobody

Only 6 km away, 5 minutes by car. Demänovská jaskyňa slobody is part of a huge underground karst system in the Demänovská dolina below the Low Tatras. It has a unique drip decoration, which ranks it among the most beautiful caves in Europe. In Demänovská jaskyna slobody there are many extended spaces - halls and domes with beautiful sinter decoration.

Stanišovská jaskyňa

Only 21 km away, 28 minutes by car. In the northern part of the Jánská dolina in the Low Tatras National Park, at an altitude of 766 meters above sea level, there is the entrance to the only cave in Liptov that is accessible all year round - the Stanisovská cave. Visitors will have a perfect experience when exploring the magical underground with guides - cavers. They illuminate the road with a headlamp.

Ľadová jaskyňa

It is located on the right side of the Demänovská valley, north of the Demänovská cave of freedom with the entrance in the Bašta cliff at an altitude of 840 m. It was created by the former underground stream of Demänovka. In the lower parts of the cave there are beautiful ice formations. The most beautiful ice formations are created in the spring, when the most water enters the cave from the melted snow, which immediately freezes and forms massive columns and floor ice. The cave is 1750 m long, 650 m is open to the public.

Relaxation in nature

Archeoskanzen Havránok

Only 14 km away, 25 minutes by car. Above the dam wall of Liptovská Mary, 2 km south of the village of Bobrovník, at the eastern foot of the Úložisko hill, there is the Havránok archaeological site - a Celtic fortification of the settlement of Kotínov with a Druid sanctuary from the 1st century BC. An open-air museum open to the public has also been built here.

Lučanský vodopád

27 km away, 26 minutes by car. The spa town of Lúčky is located near Veľké Choč in Dolny Liptov. In addition to being rightly proud of the epithet "spa", it has something else that makes it unique - the Lúčanský Waterfall National Natural Monument. The 12-meter high Lúčanský waterfall is a rarity also because it lies in the middle of the village.

Bešeňovské travertíny

Only 23 km away, 20 minutes by car. The village of Bešeňová is one of the few rare locations where "freshwater" limestones, i.e. travertines, occur. This quarry is located north of the village. Thanks to suitable natural conditions in the village of Bešeňová, a "travertine field" was created. The Bešeňov travertines are beautifully colored and with their varied composition they are the most interesting, even if they are not among the largest and most massive.